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What We Do

Here at Oak Village we are confident that we will be able to accommodate all of your home improvement needs. We work closely with premier architects, designers and most importantly, homeowners, to ensure an efficient and easy experience. Every project is done meticulously and is highly custom, specifically created to cater to each client.


We are certain we will be able to create the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom of your dreams or anything else you can think of! Our strength comes from our large-scale renovation projects where we can demonstrate the vast quality of Oak Village. These builds include new home constructions, tear downs, complete renovations, second-story additions and luxury porch and deck constructions among many more. At Oak Village, we are only limited by the imagination of the homeowner!

Please see below for more information and examples of our services.

New Home Constructions

Tear Downs

Complete Renovations

Projects where we build on previously undeveloped property and create your dream from scratch.

Projects where we demolish a large portion or the entire house and reconstruct your property in your image.

Our strongest and most popular group of projects where we completely remodel your existing home to be custom to you and your lifestyle.

Second-Story Additions

Luxury Porches & Decks

Builds where we expand the your existing second-story floor plan to create more bedrooms or living space.

Projects where we transform the appeal of the front and back of your home by creating elegant and cozy porch and deck settings.

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